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In our community, we believe that each of us has a powerful potential to make a difference in society by building and developing communities that can positively influence political processes and overall development.

Our projects and initiatives are focused not only on solving specific problems, but also on supporting people and building active communities. From trust and responsibility to love for our country, we strive to create an environment where everyone can develop and grow.  We are open to the general public, active community members, NGOs, employees of institutions, and active people of different ages, genders, religions and nations. Our goal is to increase the level of interest and active participation in political processes and local governance through participation in public dialogues, creation and support of various forms of communities.

If you have an idea that requires resources, knowledge, or just the support of like-minded people, Zmistom will be happy to be your partner on this path.

We also value our cozy gatherings of friends for informal communication over a cup of tea or a glass of wine. If you share our aspirations and desire to make society better by creating new connections and finding friends, you are on the right track to become part of our community.

To join us, just fill out the form on our website. Share your ideas, desires and values, and we will find common ground. After that, we’ll invite you to our community chat, where you can find like-minded people, learn about current projects, and start your journey to change with us.

Our goal is not only to achieve concrete results, but also to create a solid foundation for developing trust, responsibility and a deep love for Ukraine. Together we can build a future where every citizen is an active participant in the life of their community and the country as a whole.

Join Zmistom and become part of a big change today!

    You can contribute by joining our initiatives and projects that are focused on engaging citizens in active participation in decision-making. This can be through participation in public dialogues, working with youth, or contributing to the development of local communities.

    Each of our projects aims not only to achieve specific results, but also to develop trust, responsibility and love for our homeland. We do not focus on a single issue. We focus on people and communities. If you have your own idea and need resources, knowledge, and the help of friends on your way, you are welcome to contact us!

    It’s easy to join our community! Fill out the form above to tell us a little bit about yourself and your interests. After checking the information, we will add you to our community chat, where you can read about current projects, choose the area of activity that interests you most, and start contributing to the common cause. You can also subscribe to our social networks wherever you like and follow our events. So you can come and meet us in person.